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We Empower Futures & Shape Success

At Shortlist.Me (the dot is silent!), we're on a mission to empower students and institutions to achieve their full potential. We believe that every student's journey should be a path to success, and we're here to make that happen.

Join us in the pursuit of educational excellence, where every student has the opportunity to thrive and succeed.
Shortlist.Me is a game-changer in academic and career development.
We work with

higher education institutions

We work with

further education institutions

Students have a

preference for digital over in-person activities

We see a

increase in confidence in students that have completed activities

Out of all the students we work with:

of students state that using Shortlist.Me is their first interaction with either careers or an employer brand directly

Our audience manages to capture over

of students from a hard to reach minority ethnicity audience

The Shortlist.Me Journey

Shortlister's Origin: Turning Challenges into Opportunities

Founded in 2011, the business was born out of the frustrations of a graduate named David Dewey who, at the time, was going through the recruitment process. With applications and exercises not giving him the opportunities to showcase his skills, or give a real account of his capability, his mind turned to video assessment. From there, David launched a highly successful video interview brand, Shortlister, which was one of the first to bring asynchronous video interview to market, with a particular focus on the early talent space within employment.


Empowering Students and Job Seekers

In 2017, as our technology evolved, we deepened our commitment to fostering confidence in students and job seekers. We introduced Shortlist.Me’s Coaching Hub, focusing on preparing individuals for presentations and interviews. Our aim was to enhance outcomes and boost confidence, and we've since expanded our coaching and assessment tools across Further and Higher Education. Our journey continues, as we strive to support and empower through education.


We signed our first Higher Education institution.


We signed our first Further Education institution.

Since then we have gone on to work with 100’s of further education institutions.


We hit our 50 university milestone

Since then we have gone on to work with 100’s of higher education institutions.


The only way is up

We are well underway with developing our hubs - Coaching Hub, Assessment Hub and Work-Based Learning Hub. We aspire to be the 1-stop-shop for educational excellence, where students come to become expert communicators for life and where nothing can stop them from securing their dream career and future self. We have also started collaborating with industry experts, like on the UK Career Ready programme with Gradconsult, and here’s to many more. We do still believe in the Shortlister mission and want to be there for employers looking to recruit top talent and seed their brand from classroom to career.

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