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Designed with digital natives in mind to build confidence in a world where this is lacking, develop top communicators in those that fear judgement and deliver authentic assessment at scale, so no student feels unheard.


Are Outdated Approaches Hindering Your Progress?

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, traditional coaching, assessment, and admissions methods struggle to keep pace. Shortlist.Me offers a holistic digital approach, fostering confidence, communication, and authentic skills to propel success in today's dynamic world.

Students have a

preference for digital over in-person activities

We work with

higher education institution

We see a

increase in confidence in students that have completed activities

We work with

further education institutions.

Out of all the students we work with:

of students state that using Shortlist.Me  is their first interaction with either careers or an employer brand directly

Our audience manages to capture over

of students from a hard to reach minority ethnicity audience

...the opportunity to equip students with practical life skills and knowledge to help them successfully navigate the jobs market, is exactly why I returned to education and having tools like Shortlist Me available, makes this so much more enjoyable!

Paula Williams, Careers Consultant at Swansea University
We Offer Support…

Educators of all kinds, we're here for you. Shortlist.Me helps you shape your students into well-rounded, confident individuals, equipping them with skills for life. Give your students the upper hand no matter their next step.

Discover the next generation of talent with Shortlist.Me. We provide you with a space to attract and nurture emerging top talent from a pool of students who have the skills, confidence, and authenticity your organisation needs. 

Seed your brand from classroom to career.

It's your journey, and we're just here to guide you. Shortlist.Me is your partner in personal and professional growth. 

Shine through the noise and make your mark with us.

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