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Unlocking UK Career Paths for Global Talent

The UK job market as an international student can be daunting. How do you navigate and stand out among many qualified peers?

Step in with confidence, backed by our state-of-the-art content crafted hand-in-hand with Gradconsult. We're here to ensure your students not only navigate but thrive in the UK job landscape.

What Makes Our Programme Stand Out?

Life Lessons and Beyond...

The UK job market is a unique beast. Your international students will benefit from a deep dive into essential skills ranging from networking finesse to effective job hunting strategies.

Our seven exclusive webinars, in partnership with Gradconsult, offer a front-row seat to the inner workings of the UK professional world.

Experience Before the Real Experience...

Practice makes perfect. Dive into seven vivid workplace scenarios, mirroring challenges your students might face in real UK job settings.

This immersive experience helps them sharpen decision-making skills, prepping them for real-world curveballs.

Pitch Perfect...

Did you know only half of international graduates secure a UK job within six months post-graduation? With our bespoke pitch preparation, your students won't just be a part of the crowd – they'll lead it.

Gaining feedback and a readiness score, they'll know exactly where they shine and where there's room to grow.


7 Comprehensive Webinars (Around 30 minutes each)
7 Tailored Pitch Preparation Activities
7 Real-World Situational Judgement Tests

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