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Skyrocket student journeys to new heights

Your students are on the cusp of an exciting new chapter in their story, and their next destination is just a conversation away. We are here to enable you to make certain it’s their best one yet.

The fuel for future success…

It’s never too early to start harnessing the power of soft skills within your students and empowering them with the confidence to excel.

Our hubs are perfectly placed f facilitate oral assessments in curriculum, Careers Leaders to deliver mock interviews at scale and provide students with unique work-based learning opportunities.

Let's together equip students with essential knowledge and skills to secure their futures and enable you to meet your Gatsby Benchmarks.

For Career Confidence

  • Revitalise mock interviews to ensure your students are set to impress and can communicate their most authentic selves, for life.

  • Introduce careers to the classroomspotlighting key brands and delivering on-demand employer content to equip students with real-world job market insights.

  • Immerse students in the world of work through employer experiences and begin to bridge the gap between academic learning and careers expectations.

For university admissions

  • Ensure your students have the competitive edge, setting themselves above the rest and showcasing the student behind the grade - especially those high flyers looking for Russell Group admissions.

  • For more specific courses, empower aspiring doctors and dentists to communicate their authenticity in their MMI’s, ensuring their future success.

Join the 350+ schools already benefiting from our support in securing a bright tomorrow for their students.

How does Shortlist.Me support the achievement of Gatsby Benchmarks?

Gatsby Benchmark #1
A stable careers programme

Integrate Shortlist.Me into your curriculum for tailored career support. Centralise resources, adaptable to staff changes, ensuring a seamless and effective program for every year group.

Gatsby Benchmark #2
Learning from career and labour market information

Shortlist.Me provides access to invaluable insights, real-time job market knowledge, and career guidance.

Gatsby Benchmark #3
Addressing the needs of each pupil

Your marketplace can be flexibly tailored by you with on-demand, student led content expanding reach and catering to every need.

Gatsby Benchmark #4
Linking curriculum learning to careers

Our work based learning hub brings careers into the classroom, empowering students with the soft skills needed not only for work but for life.

Gatsby Benchmark #5
Encounters with employers and employees

In our work based learning hub, students engage in industry programmes, gaining hands-on experience, asking questions, and interacting with employers in their chosen field.

Gatsby Benchmark #6
Experiences of workplaces

Our work based learning hub provides immersive experiences, offering students firsthand insights into diverse professions. Engage in real workplaces, tasks, and receive constructive feedback, fostering secure interactions with employers.

Gatsby Benchmark #7
Encounters with further and higher education

We instill lifelong soft skills in students, supporting over 100 higher education and 350 further education institutions for comprehensive academic journey integration.

Gatsby Benchmark #8
Personal guidance

Your role is crucial! Our student-led, on-demand guidance allows you to personalise support. You're on the frontline ensuring your students excel.

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