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Optimise Your Evaluations using Assessment Hub

Redefining assessment norms, fostering authenticity at scale while safeguarding against AI intrusion. Empower your teams to nurture true potential and embrace optionality through diverse evaluation options.

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Academic Efficiency

Supporting educators in conducting efficient, scalable digital assessments in a holistic solution.

AI Safe-Guarding Solution

With over 70% of students relying on generative AI in traditional assessments, it's time to implement strategies that address AI intervention and set your students up for success. Future-proof your assessment strategy.

Build life skills through assessment

Presentations and video-based assessments produce a holistic skill set. They showcase interpersonal prowess and develop communication skills propelling students towards success.


For authentic Academic assessments.

Are you an academic seeking fair, efficient assessments in the age of AI? Assessment Hub ensures uniformity, offering every in-curriculum student an equal assessment opportunity. Let brilliance shine!

Streamline your assessments with fixed deadlines and multiple reviewers. Elevate your in-curriculum evaluation process today!

WHAT'S INCLUDED IN THE Assessment hub?

Customisable assignment authoring
Inbuilt marking rubric and feedback tool
Define evaluator workflows

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