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Deciding on a Career Path (A Stress-Free Guide!)

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“So, what are you going to do when you leave uni?”


If you’re a student, especially in your final year, the chances are that you’ve been asked this question countless times. In fact, it was only two years ago (in my second year at uni), that I found myself in the same position! And let me tell you, coming up with a new creative way of convincing people that you have a 'sort-of’ plan lined up every time you get asked becomes quite difficult when you don’t even know what you want to do yourself!


Use Google Wisely

My undergrad was in English Language and Linguistics, and two years into it the time came to start thinking much more about my future career. So, like most people in a minor life crisis, I resorted to Google! My search history was probably sick of seeing ‘what jobs can you do with a linguistics degree’ every single day, but no matter how I worded each search, the same options were presented to me every time: English teaching, journalism and speech therapy. However, I’m working in marketing now! The advice here is don’t take what you’re presented with as your only options! No matter how highly regarded the website you’re using is, these sites display ‘most common’ careers from your degree programme, not ‘every possible’ career. Your degree subject will provide you with skills that can apply to so many other careers that you might not have even considered yet! The world is your oyster!


Think of your Hobbies

This is my biggest tip. Before I chose to go into marketing, I ditched the internet for a moment and thought about what I love to do. Back in school, my favourite lessons were always those where I got a blank sheet of paper and could create something from scratch. At uni, I loved starting blank projects from nothing to making something great. When I thought about it, I realised that creating advertising campaigns and other content is a similar kind of creativity and from there on I decided that the marketing route was for me!


So if you love being onstage? Maybe a job involving public speaking is for you! Play a lot of sport? Maybe a job where you’re on your feet would suit you. Love maths? Maybe working with data is for you. Grab a pen and think of everything that makes you happy. It can be anything in the world: fashion, writing, dogs, cake, gardening… even space! Write a list of the things you love and research the careers you can do around those interests. Try to work with the things you love and work will feel less like work (if you get me).


Work Experience

Try your hand at a few different jobs by contacting companies and asking for work experience. Nothing will give you a flavour of being in the workplace than actually being in the workplace! This doesn’t have to be for a long time, some work experience placements run for just a couple of days and the experience will look fab on your CV!


Don’t feel guilty!

Remember, you select your undergraduate degree when you are 17 or 18 years old. That is a young age to make such a big decision! So, even if you think you made the wrong decision with your degree subject but you’re too far in to change your mind, don’t feel guilty and remember that there are always ways to change your path. Granted, some jobs (like being a doctor) may be harder to access, but for most careers there are almost always ways to get into the industry post-uni! And remember, even if you enter a job after uni and it doesn’t turn out to be for you, it is so normal to change careers. Try to take change as a positive and enjoy the experience! Your uni years are an exciting time!