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Resources and advice for career success

Graduation: What Happens Next…

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As Graduation approaches, don't lose touch with your students. You can still actively help them secure their roles and continue to support graduates even after they have completed their studies. Here are some common activities and services that you could offer:

Job search support:

Provide resources and guidance to help graduates with their job search. This may include assistance with writing CVs, covering letters, and job applications, as well as interview preparation techniques.

Alumni networks:

There are often established alumni networks that connect graduates with professionals in various industries. These networks can be valuable for networking, mentoring, and accessing job opportunities.

Career fairs and events:

Organise career fairs and events specifically tailored for graduates, where they can meet potential employers, learn about job openings, and explore different career paths.

Online resources:

Many universities offer online platforms and databases that provide access to job listings, industry-specific resources, and professional development materials. Graduates can continue to access these resources after graduation.

Professional development workshops:

Get creative and invite students to your workshops and training sessions. Aim these at enhancing graduates' professional skills, such as communication, leadership, and project management. These workshops can help graduates adapt to the workplace and enhance their career prospects.

Individual career counselling:

Career advisors are available to meet with graduates on an individual basis, providing personalised guidance and support. They can help graduates explore career options, identify their strengths and interests, and develop a career plan.

Further education guidance:

For graduates considering further education, career services can provide information and advice on postgraduate study options, including scholarships, funding opportunities, and application procedures.

Don’t forget about Shortlist.Me!

You may have already exhausted your options above, so why not try something new that your graduates will engage with Shortlist.Me. This authentic assessment platform designed to help empower your students with the confidence and communication skills they need to secure their dream job after graduation.

If you already have Shortlist.Me, now is a great time to take a look at the activities that are available in your marketplace. Perhaps you may wish to add some new activities that you feel your students would benefit from taking part in over the summer break, or even record something new!

What’s more, with your new Alumni Access Code: ‘ALUMNI2021’, it is now easier than ever for your graduate cohort to access Shortlist.Me career-readiness activities to help them continue to build the lifelong confidence and skills in communication required for workplace success. To enable your grads to use this, simply share the code with your graduate cohort. From there, they can select an activity in the marketplace, enter the ‘access code’ and still engage with these.

If you are not yet using Shortlist.Me in your institute and would like to explore how we could help you support your alumni in taking their next steps after graduation, book in a meeting today