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Join Our Lunch and Learn Live Q&A Session: Something Exciting is Coming!

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Are you ready for even more exciting announcements from Shortlist.Me?

Join us on Tuesday 30th April at 1:00pm for an exclusive informal ‘Lunch and Learn’ Live Q&A session  - where our Founder and CEO, David Dewey, along with our esteemed new board members, Tony and David Heard, will unveil exciting plans for our brands and provide valuable insights into recent developments.

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At Shortlist.Me & Shortlister, our mission is clear: to empower job seekers, educational institutions, and employers through our versatile and asynchronous digital platform. With pride, we've supported over 500,000 job seekers, partnered with more than 350 educational institutions, and collaborated with 200 employers! But, our journey is far from over.

What to Expect in this Event:

1. Insider Insights: We have TWO more huge announcements that we can’t wait to share with you, as our leadership team delve into their vision, strategies, and goals.

2. Interactive Q&A: Have burning questions about our services, recent developments, or industry trends? Our leadership team are on-hand to answer queries and share their knowledge and thoughts!


- Tuesday 30th April

- 1:00pm BST

How to Join:

Securing your spot for this exclusive session is easy. Simply click here to reserve your place.

Make sure to add this event to your calendar, and come prepared with your questions!

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As pioneers in the recruitment and education sectors, Shortlist.Me & Shortlister are committed to innovation and growth. Join us for our ‘Lunch and Learn’ Informal Live Q&A session to discover how recent milestones and insights will shape the future for job seekers, educators, and employers alike.

We're excited to embark on this journey with you!